A Week In The Life Of A REALTOR® – August 2018

Yes, I’m back! Welcome back everyone!

It has been an eventful summer during which I traveled to Europe. Thanks to technology, even from the other side of the ocean I still managed to work on a pending, write and negotiate an offer, and observe the different ways real estate works in other countries. These pictures of real estate offices come from Italy and Germany. Notice how the listings are displayed.

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy
Bremerhaven, Germany








In Rome, Italy, there were these two interesting pieces of property. Neither was for sale, although Italian actor Toto’ did manage to sell the Fontana di Trevi once. To be precise, he was only able to collect the EMD…

Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain

And for the number lovers, below are those related to the first week of work in August – as soon as I was back!

  • 63 miles driven
  • 56 significant incoming emails, countless the insignificant
  • 44 outgoing emails
  • 43 phone calls, to or from clients, lenders, agents, FSBO’s, and floor (the technical term to indicate the agent on duty who answers office calls)
  • 21 separate text conversations with clients, agents, lenders, prospective tenants, and sellers
  • 13 car drives
  • 8 new real estate articles read, including property rentals
  • 7 scheduling of showings
  • 5 real estate article draft prepared for publication on blog
  • 5 showings of in-town properties concluded
  • 4 clients served
  • 4 hours of floor
  • 2 deck repair quotes
  • 1 verbal land negotiation
  • 1 meeting with City Assessor
  • 1 meeting with Planning officer
  • 1 comparative market analysis’ (CMA’s) completed and delivered to client
  • 1 managing of a rental property
  • 1 new MLS automated search set up
  • 1 maintenance
  • 1 leased property
  • 1 picking up keys for a past client at the end of a 30 DAC possession period
  • 1 research on investment property for client
  • 1 research on land lot
  • 1 outgoing referral for client
  • 1 meeting with new lender
  • 1 work with title company in preparation of a closing
  • 1 preparation for an upcoming open house: listing cards, business cards, signs, disclosures, publicity, and signs
  • 1 prospecting activity
  • 1 new business card design
  • 1 license renewal
  • 1 meeting with a management company
  • 1 travel to other office to pick up open house sign
  • 1 travel to client’s new home to drop off keys
  • 1 closing
  • 1 office business meeting
  • 1 accounting
  • 1 open house

More posts and stories coming soon. Happy summer everyone!



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